At Eighth Day Design (EDD), we believe that for a project to be successful, we need to do more than just deliver a GOOD DESIGN. We must also provide a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE.


EDD coordinates factors of interior architecture, engineering, ergonomics, sustainability and ADA to result in a unique design that caters to the specific needs of our client.


In the current day and age, every architectural project contains elements of security. For many years, EDD has been providing security solutions to the business community.

Exhibit & Graphic Design

EDD offers exhibit design services for applications including temporary corporate exhibit designs, and permanent and semi-permanent museum quality exhibition designs. 

Facilities Management Services

Our relationship with FM:Systems began in 1995 with a contract for 2 on-site CAD/CAFM operators at one of the largest US financial organizations. Over the years, we had a chance to work with a variety of software packages and different levels of sophistication.



Our design specialists are here to help you get started.

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