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Children’s Learning Lab

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Campus, VA

The Children’s Learning Lab (CLL) exemplifies Eighth Day Design’s dedication to innovative design and custom projects. With 1,200 sf of floor to ceiling renovations, CLL’s reception area showcases bespoke furniture and fixtures. The captivating holographic archway illuminates the room, creating a dream-like entrance. Utilizing 3-Form acrylics with a dichroic inner film, the holographic finish is achieved, emitting light from within the portal. Once inside, the main reception area presents custom digitally printed wallpaper depicting various day and night scenes. The pixelated carpet complements the wallpaper, creating the illusion of land, beach, and sea while incorporating HHMI’s colors. Additionally, new custom-built furniture, shelving, and banquette provide both storage and seating. The reception desk, shaped like a sailboat complete with a wooden mast, cloth sail, and miniature lighthouse, adds an intriguing touch. Every corner of this project is a testament to imagination, design, and attention to detail, shaping it into a true masterpiece.