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Children’s Learning Lab

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Campus, VA

Lead Designer –  James Sun

The Children’s Learning Lab (CLL) is an excellent representation of EDD’s commitment to design, creativity, and unique project customization. The project included 1,200 sf of floor to ceiling renovations and custom-made furniture and fixtures for the CLL’s reception area.

The entryway is the first thing that catches your eye as you walk into the CLL Reception. The holographic archway lights up the entire room and the cloud-like shape of the portal makes you feel like you are walking straight into a dream. 3-Form acrylics with a dichroic inner film were used to achieve the holographic finish, and lighting from within illuminate the portal.

As you enter through the archway into the main reception area, users will notice the custom digitally printed wallpaper with various scenes of day and night. The pixelated carpet works in conjunction with the wall paper to create the illusion of land, beach, and sea, while paying homage to HHMI’s company colors of green and blue.  New custom built furniture, shelving, and banquette was installed for additional storage and seating space. The reception desk toward the back is shaped like a sail boat, complete with a wooden mast, cloth sail, and even a mini light house.

Every corner of this project has another detail with something new to discover, it is truly a masterpiece of imagination, design, and detail.