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EDD COVID Capabilities

Digital Facilities Management 

  • COVD-19 specific:
    • Space Planning that includes social distancing rules and regulations
    • Signage for high traffic areas (and identify high traffic areas)
    • Team zoning to minimize unnecessary traffic 
    • Move management to regulate used office space
    • Facilities data for back-to-work phase planning
    • Facilities data which helps provide information to drive decisions
    • Data driven sanitation regulations
    • Track and manage shared space usage (meeting rooms, pantries)
    • Personalized data can help drive decisions for staggered returns and floor to floor occupancy limits.

Interior Design and Architecture

  • Adapt floor plans to to illustrate new traffic patterns and distancing requirements and identify high traffic locations (such as printers, workrooms, reception desks, and elevator lobbies).
  • Review desk layout, separation, and partitions, to provide solutions that adapt existing furniture to improve clean-ability and meet CDC standards.
  • Adapt seating plans in open areas and common use spaces to ensure separation.
  • Review restrooms and common use areas for adoption of no-touch features such as fixtures, hardware, and accessories.
  • Design graphics packages to facilitate communication of new office practices and procedures.
  • Manage a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to address specific Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Occupational Health issues.
  • Specify and design installation of mechanical systems to improve air ventilation, filtration, and movement.
  • Advise on WELL standards to promote health and wellness for your organization.
  • Ensure filters are up to WELL standard of MERV-13. 
  • Advise on products to facilitate good hygiene in high traffic areas. 
  • Provide solutions to adapt existing furniture to improve clean-ability and separation. 

Both our Digital Facilities Management and Design Teams are working on the frontlines of COVID-19 to create safety driven plans for our corporate client’s return to the workplace. The FM:Systems“Safe Space Playbook” illustrates how to approach employee health and business continuity issues in the wake of COVID-19. As a Certified Business Partner with FM:Systems, we are using this E-book to guide our own client recommendations.

Featured in the Free E-Book:

  1. Social Distancing and Congestion
  2. Flexible Work Strategies
  3. Building Sanitation
  4. Facilities Manager Checklist

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