EDD will take your company to the next level, whether it is corporate rebranding, modernization, or facilities densification.

EDD takes the time to understand the values of your office to create the best, efficiency focused solution that satisfies your needs.

How do we get started?

1. On-site meetings

2. Site observation studies

3. Employee surveys

4. Understanding current work methodology and technology

    Services offered:
    • Brand implementation
    • Construction phasing strategies
    • Corporate design guideline development
    • Feasibility studies
    • Furniture design standards development
    • Integrated workplace management systems consulting
    • Space utilization studies
    • Strategic planning, campus wide or small scale
    • Trend analysis

    Hello my name is Carol Muszynski and I’m your point of contact at EDD for Workplace Strategy.

    Featured Project


    McLean, Virginia

    With 1.6 million square feet of space and 8,700 employees at their Northern Virginia headquarters, this facility was challenged with an inefficient use of space. Eighth Day Design identified deficiencies, addressed the need for new corporate standards, and developed prototypical plans for a campus space modernization.

    These adopted concepts became the “road map” for a 5-year modernization project. The results provided a more flexible workplace that utilizes modern technology and the integration of collaborative spaces. The introduction of collaborative spaces foster intellectual innovation and creativity.


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