Eighth Day Design has recently undertaken an entirely different kind of construction…website construction! We are so excited to finally have a website that can showcase all of EDD’s different talents and are so pleased with the final project. We have a team of very qualified web designers to thank for helping us take our website to the next level.

We took inspirations from some of our favorite design and software management websites. The goal is to showcase our design aesthetic while highlighting the various digital services we offer. We’d like users of our website to leave with a better understanding of what we do here at Eighth Day Design. We hoped to accomplish this through lots of imagery and the introduction of blog posts (like this one!). Blogs will be written to provide insight into our ongoing work and various projects!

Creating a new website was no easy task, but the process has been incredibly fun and enjoyable. One of the most memorable experiences during this project was “Media Day,” when all EDD employees gathered at our Falls Church headquarters for a photo shoot! Everyone got their own set of headshots AND a free lunch (thanks Carol and Olek!!). Some of these photographs will be showcased throughout our website, so be sure to check it out!

We are eager for users to get used to our new website and hope that you enjoy the final product as much as we have enjoyed creating it!