One of our long-standing projects is finally reaching its end…well, the beginning of its end.

Eighth Day Design (EDD) has been working with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) for two years on a campus-wide modernization project. The modernization occurs one sector at a time, moving through the entire campus like a transformative wave. And after three long months of construction, we are pleased to announce that “Second Floor: Sector A” is finally complete!

However, there were some ups and downs throughout construction. With so many moving parts and different teams working together, the struggles did not come as a surprise. Some of our duties included demolition, electrical re-wiring, wall construction, reflooring, painting, and furniture installation. Due to the size and extensiveness of the project, teams needed to re-learn how to efficiently reconcile between the old and new, renovating the building’s interior into the next decade. Despite the learning curve, we were able to create a beautiful space that everyone is extremely proud of.

The next phase is scheduled to start in a few weeks, and we are looking forward to getting it underway. The different teams have already gotten together to create a check list of things to look out for during demolition. We expect the next phase of the project to be completed within 45 days, a quick turnaround for such a comprehensive job!

We hope the new tenants love their new bright, and welcoming, office space! At EDD, we go beyond just “design” to create spaces that make people enthusiastic about going back to work every day. We look forward to the next phase of construction and continuing our relationship with HHMI!