Google’s Small Business Supplier Diversity Seminar 2019.


This past weekend, Lisa was selected to attend and participate in Google’s Small Business Supplier Diversity Seminar where she learned important techniques and lessons on how to grow a business’ online presence. The two-and-a-half-day program was hosted at Google Washington D.C. where two dozen minority business owners came to learn about the growing digital industry.

The program sought out individuals from a broad range of backgrounds, connecting different minority groups to the business advancement opportunity. Speakers of the program included professors from the Tuck School of Business from Dartmouth College and various Google specialists.

Speakers and teachers offered their expertise and led various workshops and open discussion groups. Some of these discussions included how to create a digital business model and its implementation, how to be found online, or the importance of maintaining and growing your online presence. On the last day of the program, attendees all received certificates of completion for the “Digital Excellence Program for Minority Entrepreneurs.”

Thanks to Google and Dartmouth, attendees received an amazing educational and networking opportunity!