Brighter Night, Brighter Bash 2020.

Last Friday, EDD had the pleasure of sponsoring “Brighter Bash,” an annual fundraising event hosted by Brighter Night – a charity organization whose mission is to “bend the curve of growth of the incidence of mental health illness among youth.”  Through donations and fundraising events like “Brighter Bash,” Brighter Night hopes to provide scholarship for treatment to individuals and families who are struggling in the face of mental health illness.  

We had such a great night jammin’ out to live music, eating great food, and spending time with our friends, all while helping to destigmatize conversations surrounding mental health! We saw amazing performances from talented singers and got to hear first-hand all of the positive impact Brighter Night has had on its community. It was truly the perfect way to spend a Friday evening. 

If you are interested in getting more information about Brighter Night, or ways you can support this important cause, please visit their website: <>