Our Response to COVID-19.

There has been so much uncertainty in these past few weeks that we wanted to address with you all how Eighth Day Design is handling the coronavirus today.

As of this past Tuesday, EDD has given all employees the option of Working From Home. With the implementation of laptops about 6 months ago, we were ready for this challenge. Although most of us are used to working from inside an office, a majority of our work is done through those laptops. This means that no matter where we are, as long as we have access to the internet and our network system, our work goes completely undisturbed. We use programs that let us video conference in on important meetings and maintain close contact with clients. It seems like despite the chaos all around us, our ability to work has remained steady.

I’ve asked everyone if they would send me pictures of their current WFH set up, and everyone is doing such a great job creating their own home “office.” I think it’s important to remember that working from home isn’t all bad – this means for some of us we get to spend more time with pets we usually leave all day, quality time with kids, more time to catch up with friends and family via phone call, or using the time it would take to commute to-and-from work to practice important self-care routines – all while continuing to maintain our high quality work. I know for me, I have been using this extra time to read more books, keep up with the news, prepare healthier meals, and take short walks during breaks from work. It’s important to remember that social distancing and self-quarantine is meant to keep you and your family around you healthy! This means taking actions that actively prepare you to get back to the office in better health, not worse.  

Check out the photos below – everyone’s doing their absolute best to keep up with everything and resume business as usual. It’s fun to see who everyone’s new “co-workers” at home are!