| While At Home… |

At a time when the words “social distancing” isn’t just an oxymoron but a state mandate, many of us are looking for new ways to rediscover life at home. Maybe you’re taking on a new role as a parent-teacher due to school cancellations? Or can no longer frequent the gym that doubled as your personal sanctuary? Or you’re back to living under the same roof as your parents?

Whatever your new challenges are, it is important to remember that you are not in this alone! Each of us at Eighth Day Design are navigating through the same daily challenges as you and are doing our best to recreate our precious personal freedoms…from home!

Mike has been using his extra time at home to renovate an old tree house he built for his girls when they were little kids. He’s installed new railing, primed and painted the walls, and is even planning to replace the roof and windows.

Carol and Olek are living in Florida and spending their weekends enjoying the amazing weather with outdoor activities like fishing or watching the sunset. Olek even tried his hand at homemade sushi!

Jennifer is loving the quality time she gets to spend with her newborn baby, Bella. She is teaching Bella all the important things in life…like the ideal cake-to-icing ratio while baking!

Mirela is not letting her mind go dull by sitting in front of a TV all weekend, rather she’s keeping her mind engaged and completing puzzles with her family.

Arina is spending her little extra time to indulge in her artistic talents and work on commissioned paintings for her friends. Right now, she is working on an adorable watercolor for a jungle themed nursery.

Pedro transformed his backyard into his personal home-gym after his regular gym closed. With the help of a few fitness apps and simple equipment, he’s come up with varied exercises to keep his physical and mental health in shape.

I have been experimenting a lot more in the kitchen, pushing myself to try to cook new foods! This past week I made homemade calamari and grilled octopus and it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought!

 Whatever it is you’re missing out on; please remember we are all in this together trying to make the best out of each of our situations. The sooner we can embrace our new normal, the sooner (hopefully) we can get back to our old routines and “social distancing” can go back to being a funny oxymoron!