EDD Supports Healthcare Systems

Eighth Day Design continues to work and support facilities management teams across the nation, but more importantly, we are continuing to assist a large healthcare systems client during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to remember that many of the people on the frontlines, in addition to emergency response teams, are facility management professionals. They hold the responsibility of working closely with the actual response team to help fill important roles and bring management leaders together during this chaotic time.

EDD is assisting this large healthcare client by providing accurate and precise facilities data which reports spatial information of their individual employees, as well as information on assets necessary for continued operation and service for their patients. More specifically, EDD is assisting this healthcare client by maintaining their Integrated Workplace Management Software system and improving their use of the maintenance module.

We are providing direct support to their facilities teams in order to keep their facilities running at the best efficiencies they can while dealing with changing conditions. We have also been contracted to add a hospital to their system which includes full floor plan preparation, upload and then building preventative maintenance as well as on-demand maintenance access for their staff. We are working with each facility manager to meet the Joint Commission requirements as well as their own internal Steering Committee.

As a part of the workplace services industry, we recognize our colleagues who are operating on the frontlines with response teams during this trying time. EDD is well suited to continue to offer our best services to these managers at the facilities and organizational level and hope to provide security and certainty in the face of this COVID-19 pandemic.