| Digital Facilities Management During COVID-19 |

EDD’s digital facilities management team has adapted and created novel solutions for the unprecedented workplace challenges we face in the wake of COVID-19. Our team members are working with Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS) to provide data metrics to help our clients make informed decisions about their return to the workplace. Our goal is to provide information that company executives, as well as end users, can use to drive important decisions about their health and safety in the workplace.

To speak more specifically about a project, the digital facilities team has been using an IWMS system called FM:Interact (FMI), to track and report social distancing data for a Fortune 100 client. They are using the term “wave” to identify the different phases of getting people back into the office. There are four waves in total, with each wave adding more people and seats than the last. The first wave is the most spread out with the least amount of people, the second wave is slightly more condensed with a little more people, and so on.

The design and space planning team used 6-foot diameter circles on existing floor plan drawings to identify new social distancing compliant workspaces. Then, using the FMI software, the IWMS team added a data field to the room data that would indicate which spaces are part of a wave. Then, the space planners use graphic views in FMI to select multiple rooms and assign them to their correct wave.

Our digital facilities management team can create specific “Social Distancing” graphic views in FMI that highlights spaces and uses different visual patterns to differentiate between the waves. FMI end users can easily pull up a specific floor plan and select the “Social Distancing” graphic view to see all the wave phases and space changes for themselves. The team also created a report that lists the rooms assigned to waves by building and floor, giving totals for each. The report can be filtered by building, floor, or wave, and will update the totals in the report accordingly. This data is being shared with C-level executives as they work to develop a plan to get employees back to work.

EDD’s digital facilities management team can help you navigate through the challenges of preparing your workplace for the return of employees. The data collected using Integrated Workplace Management Software can help quantify complicated concepts and deliver report metrics for informed decision making, especially in times of crisis. Please consider EDD as we look forward towards a brighter, and healthier, future.