| Happy Retirement! |


This June, Eighth Day Design is proud and excited to announce the retirement of three of our dedicated
employees, Olek, Pedro, and Katie. They have each played an integral part to the growth and longevity of EDD over the past 30 years. Many of the company’s accomplishments would not have been possible without their hard work, dedication, and commitment. On behalf of everyone at Eighth Day Design, we want to wish all three of them the best of luck and happiness in retirement!


Olek Muszynski, Principal: Olek first started Eighth Day Design with our current president, Carol, back in 1989. Their journey began in a small basement and then eventually became brick and mortar with their first office front in 1990. Olek’s talents with computer and technology is what lead the way to EDD’s use of cutting-edge technology today. Olek’s favorite, and most memorable project, was the time he worked on designing the second EDD office in Roslyn, VA. Olek gushed that he “I loved the team spirit, cooperation, working together and designing custom workstations – budget was low but the innovation was high.” Olek is especially proud to have played a significant role in EDD’s ability to transform its Workplace Services to fuse Design, Architecture, and IWMS into one company. He is looking forward to staying busy during retirement in the Florida Keys, spending his time sailing, diving, fishing, cooking, and growing tropical fruits. He still plans on keeping his passion for creativity and design alive throughout retirement and will continue to work as a part-time consultant for EDD’s Specialty & Design Fabrication projects. Olek is extremely proud of every one of his 28 EDD employees, their leadership and team loyalty, and hopes EDD will continue to “live long and prosper.”


Pedro Nunez, Principal: Pedro started working for EDD in 1997 after knowing both Olek and Carol since 1984. He has worked in the design industry for over 40 years and at EDD for 23. His favorite project with EDD was working on-site at Freddie Mac. He says “It was challenging but exciting to be part of a 5-year process to help shape Freddie’s corporate culture workplace.” Pedro hopes to spend his time during retirement traveling all around the world, learning more about other cultures, trying new exotic cuisines, making new friends all over the globe, and says he might even start a travel blog! He hopes that EDD continues to grow in both design and IWMS services, leading the way to many more future clients. 


Katie Smith, Designer: Katie has worked in the design industry for 33 years and with EDD for the last 10, starting out as a consultant before she became full time. Her career in interior architecture was almost accidental, she was working in architecture and then pivoted into interiors during the recession of the early 1990’s. Katie’s most memorable accomplishment at EDD was leading the US Patent & Trademark Office Space Study Booklet and Presentation, which required years of research and writing. After retirement, Katie plans on volunteering with local politics and continuing to travel all around the world. Katie sees a bright future for EDD, and is already incredibly proud of its growth, especially in the IWMS field.