| EDD Delivers Services Globally |

While our company headquarters is in Falls Church, Virginia, Eighth Day Design is a global company. Not only is our team is made up of talented individuals from across the country, but our client list spans the entire globe. Since expanding our Digital Facilities and Integrated Workplace Management Systems division, EDD has seen a massive increase in our number of global clients. Thanks to the digital nature of IWMS, EDD can deliver quality service no matter the geographic location

For example, EDD has helped a Global Software Development company manage their spaces throughout the world. EDD has provided planning for their office spaces in Canada, Singapore, Moscow, Prague, Brazil, and other countries throughout South America. In addition, our IWMS experts are assisting the client with development of an in-house IWMS solution that will eventually be available to their own clients.

Secondly, a long-term client and large communications provider in Canada, turned to our team for support with their internal IWMS solution. These included software upgrades, addition of new features, increasing functionality, and consultation on how to better capture assets (such as office furniture) throughout their portfolio. In response, the EDD team built a customized process for the client that allowed them to differentiate the types of furniture and categorize based on classifications such as ergonomics or who the furniture was assigned to. This information provided the client with additional knowledge such as cost data, that could be used to determine a depreciation factor for valuation.

Lastly, EDD has just completed the first phase (out of three) of an IWMS solution implementation project for a worldwide chemical corporation. While the corporation is headquartered in the US, the second phase of the project will focus on bringing their global sites on-board and training their individual users within the regions to streamline the system. These site locations include Europe, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.  The third phase of the project will require developing an internal mail and package delivery solution, so they can redirect, and track packages accidentally sent to their US headquarters.

If you are interested in our Integrated Workplace Management Systems or Digital Facilities services, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team. We are continuously looking to expand our services, no matter the client location or time zone! You can be assured that our team of experts will provide excellent results even from across the globe.