| Interior Design Project: Team Room|

This month, our design team led by Jennifer Neyra (Designer), Sunny Johnson (Designer), and James Sun (Architect), completed a fun design project for a Team Room in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The project included ~400 sf of floor to ceiling renovations and custom-made architectural features to create the “fish-bowl” look. 

Inspiration for the design came from the idea of creating a dichotomy between the room and the neutral-campus-standards seen across the sector. The finished space is an explosion of color that brightens up the entire wing. 

The glass walls and wood detailing were perhaps the most challenging to create. The team wanted to maintain a level of symmetry and continuity between the new Team Room and the existing finishes found in the sector. They decided to install floor-to-ceiling glass partitions and then glue on wood detailing to create the same upper clerestory seen throughout the sector. This technique was an innovative way to update the standard design.

Another striking feature of the room is its flooring. The designers worked with Bentley Mills, Inc. to create digital renderings to experiment and play with the patterns and colors of the carpet. The goal was to incorporate company colors while also introducing new colorways. The fun carpet gave designers an opportunity to use more colors in the furniture as well. Working with furniture reps at Price Modern, they were able to select custom fabrics to match the furniture with the carpet. 

Other architectural features, such as the built-in shelving along the far wall, were also included to increase the room’s usage. Not only do the built-in cabinets offer storage space, the counter top creates a new surface for a touch-screen television used for presentations and team collaborations.  New lighting fixtures also give new life to the room, updating the old lights and bringing the space more in-line with campus modernization standards. The linear pendants above the table brighten the space while the circular pendant adds a touch of creativity to finish off the room! 

This Team Room is a fun reminder of our designer’s creativity and our client’s desires to change things up! 

 Check out the photos below for a “Before” and “After” of the space!