| CCIFMA Virtual Partner Expo, Featuring: Steelcase|

Last week, our team of talented EDD designers partnered with the Steelcase showroom in Washington, D.C. to take you through a real-time furniture and space-planning charrette. We used our platform at the CCIFMA Virtual Partner Expo to host the LIVE webinar of our designers working together to reconfigure an existing workplace to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines.

We first started by showing viewers a traditional “pre-COVID” open-office workplace and then introduced new products from Steelcase that were specifically manufactured in response to the current pandemic (such as the “Flex Freestanding Screens”). Lastly, our teams worked together to rearrange the existing workstations and install new Steelcase desk dividers to create a COVID-friendly workstation that was both socially distanced, and safe for users. Viewers were also given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation, as we discussed everything from EDD’s COVID-related capabilities to recommended Steelcase furniture and products.

A full video of the event is coming soon, so keep an eye out and stay up to date by following all of our social media accounts!